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By North Park Family Dental
February 05, 2016
Category: Dental Procedures
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At North Park Family Dental in Grand Rapids, MI, Dr. Robert S. Dame and his team strive for the brightest, healthiest smiles possible for all their patients. When considering extensive tooth repair or replacement, they offer quality dental crowns and bridgework to span smile crowns and bridgesgaps that could ultimately hurt oral health and aesthetics.

What is a Dental Crown?

A dental crown, often called a "cap," replaces tooth structure damaged by injury, decay, or congenital malformation. Custom-made to achieve natural-looking tooth color and shape, crowns cover remaining healthy tooth structure, strengthening it from top to gum line.

To place a crown, Dr. Dame first examines the patient's mouth and takes digital x-rays as needed. He makes an impression of the patient's teeth and sends his treatment plan to an outside dental lab for fabrication of the restoration.

The most aesthetically pleasing crowns are 100 percent porcelain. However, depending on location of the tooth, cost, and other factors, the Grand Rapids dentist may choose super-strong gold or a porcelain-fused-to-metal crown.

Once cemented in place and adjusted for proper bite, the patient enjoys a beautifully restored smile and natural speech and eating. They maintains their crown with good brushing, flossing, and professional exams and cleanings every 6 months at North Park Family Dental.

What is Bridgework?

The American College of Prothodontists, dentists expert in tooth replacements, estimates that 178 million people in the United States are missing at least one permanent tooth. Many millions have lost multiple, or even all, teeth to decay, injury, or gum disease.

Replacements, such as bridgework, fill unattractive gaps and allow people to enjoy normal speech and dietary habits. Also, bridges strengthen teeth adjacent to the gap, keeping them in place and avoiding tooth drift and weakening of supportive tissues.

If you are missing one, 2, or 3 teeth in a row, Dr. Dame may recommend fixed bridgework consisting of natural-looking prosthetic teeth attached to porcelain crowns which cover neighboring teeth. Also called abutment teeth, these teeth are ground down to receive the caps. Due to advances in implant dentistry, some bridgework is supported by state of the art metal implants placed right into the patient's jaw for excellent stability and durability.

Fixed bridgework is permanent--that is, the patient does not remove it, and they brush and floss the appliance just as they would their natural teeth. Dr. Dame ensures that bridgework feels comfortable and blends in seamlessly with neighboring teeth.

Are Crowns and Bridges Right for You?

If you are facing extractions or already have failing or missing teeth, don't worry because Dr. Dame and his team can help. He will evaluate your oral health and help you decide if crowns and bridges are right for your smile. Contact the office in Grand Rapids, MI today for an appointment. Call (616) 361-7265.