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By North Park Family Dental
July 29, 2016
Category: Dental Procedures
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How your dentist in Grand Rapids can restore your smile

A great smile is a wonderful confidence builder. If you have damaged, broken or missing teeth, you may feel self-conscious in social dental crownssituations . It’s time to get your confidence back by restoring your smile with dental crowns and bridgework. Dr. Robert S. Dame at North Park Family Dental in Grand Rapids, Michigan wants to help you explore what crowns and bridges can do for you and your smile.

Today’s crowns and bridges will restore complete chewing function, allowing you to eat the foods you love. They will also give you a cosmetically beautiful smile.

Your dentist in Grand Rapids wants you to know crowns provide a strong, protective armor around your teeth, preventing breakage when you eat hard foods. In contrast, a large filling can actually weaken a tooth, so that when you bite hard foods, your filling may break, taking vital tooth structure with it.

You can choose from a full range of materials for your new crown. Each material has its own benefits. Consider:

  • Full gold crowns
  • Porcelain-fused-to-metal, if you want strength and cosmetic beauty
  • Full porcelain, if you want the most natural-looking crown available

If you are missing a single tooth or multiple teeth, a dental bridge from your Grand Rapids dentist is the perfect solution to fill in the gaps. Today’s dental bridges are strong, restoring full chewing function, and cosmetically beautiful, looking like a natural part of your smile. Your dental bridge from Grand Rapids will be completely stable, restoring your confidence when you speak and eat.

It’s time to discover how crowns and bridges can keep your smile whole. You deserve a complete smile and the confidence that comes with it. Don’t wait to get the smile you want and the look you deserve. Call Dr. Robert S. Dame at North Park Family Dental in Grand Rapids, Michigan to find out how crowns and bridges can restore your smile.