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By North Park Family Dental
December 08, 2016
Category: Dental Procedures

Find out whether your smile could become stronger, more functional or more attractive with these restorative options.

Dental crowns and bridges are pretty traditional dental restorations, yet there is a reason they are still around. They can really go a long dental crownsway to improving your oral health and making your smile both look and feel more resilient. From the office of our Grand Rapids, MI, dentist, Dr. Robert Dame, find out more about crowns and bridges.

Crowns Protect Your Teeth

There are many types of crowns to choose from but their purpose is all the same: to protect a damaged tooth from further complications and to restore the tooth back to its natural shape. A crown is a great option for a tooth that has incurred severe decay, an infection or damage. If a tooth is also severely misshapen, malformed or discolored, then a crown can also be placed over the tooth to improve its appearance. A crown is an easy way to protect and preserve a tooth’s natural structure.

Dental Bridges Restore Smiles

Nothing is worse than losing a tooth, but modern dentistry makes it easier than ever to replace that tooth. Once we examine your smile, our Grand Rapids general dentist will be able to determine whether a bridge is the right course of action. This restoration uses crowns, which are placed on healthy neighboring teeth on both ends of the gap, to support the false tooth or teeth in the middle. Besides filling the gap where your missing tooth once was it can also improve the function of your smile. There is no reason to suffer from gaps in your smile when it’s so simple and easy to replace missing teeth with a dental bridge.

Are you interested in getting a dental crown or dental bridges in Grand Rapids, MI? If so, then your next step is to call North Park Family Dental to schedule an initial consultation to see if your smile is right for either of these treatments.