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By North Park Family Dental
March 27, 2015
Category: Oral Health
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Crowns and BridgesLearn how crowns and bridges can restore your natural teeth with simple in-office procedures.

Missing even one tooth is a hardship that no adult should have to experience. Tooth loss causes a domino effect of decay, gum disease or shifting and can eventually lead to more missing teeth. Fortunately, your Grand Rapids dentist offers both crowns and bridges to solve these problems before they start. Crowns and bridges are fixed restorations. They are meant to be permanent attachments in the mouth, and cannot be removed as dentures can. Both crowns and bridges are used to restore and maintain tooth function.


These restorations are designed to be a "cap" over an existing tooth that has sustained damage or decay and can no longer function on its own. Keeping the root intact is Dr. Robert Dame's priority, and a crown placement helps to repair fractures, replace old fillings or finish off a root canal while avoiding extraction. Depending on where the crown is needed, it may be made of porcelain or ceramic to appear like a natural tooth. It can also be made of gold or metal alloys; these materials are typically stronger and recommended for back teeth. A porcelain shell over a metal core is also an option for both form and function.


If a tooth has fallen out or has been extracted, a bridge can help compensate for the loss. Attached to natural teeth on either side of the empty space, bridges fill in the gap seamlessly with natural-looking replacements. The attachment teeth, called abutments, have crowns placed over them to give them more support for their new role.

Helping others

Recently, Dr. Dame and some of his staff made a long journey to Chiang Rai Province in Thailand to provide necessary dental treatment for children and adults in underprivileged villages. For over a week, they offered their services to dozens of people in need. With long-lasting restorations like crowns and bridges, these people can enjoy eating, speaking and smiling without discomfort or further problems.

The caring staff at North Park Family Dental is ready to give you a reason to start smiling again. Contact the office today to learn more about how crowns and bridges can improve your teeth's appearance and function!