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By North Park Family Dental
January 16, 2015
Category: Oral Health
Tags: TMJ  

Find out how your Grand Rapids dentist could help alleviate your morning headaches.

Do you suffer from frequent tension or morning headaches? Do you put up with an aching sore jaw? If so, you could be a teeth clencher. This is an all-too-common issue that many people deal with; however, you don’t have to just put up with the pain. Being aTMJ teeth clencher not only causes uncomforting symptoms like jaw pain and headaches but can also damage your teeth. However, your Grand Rapids dentist has a treatment plan that could help reduce your clenching habit.

How do you control teeth clenching with NTI Tension Suppression?

There are three aspects of clenching to be considered: the frequency, severity and duration of this habit. While how long and how often you clench your jaw cannot be controlled, we do have some control over how severe your clenching habit is. The NTI Tension Suppression device, which is so small that it only fits on either your upper or lower front teeth, will prevent back teeth from coming in contact with each other, which will decrease the severity of your jaw clenching and reduce your jaw pain and headaches.

When do I need to wear my NTI Tension Suppression?

You will only need to wear this device while you sleep since you can’t be conscious of your jaw clenching. Luckily the device is tiny and not as bulky as regular mouthguards, which teeth grinders may need to wear.

When will I notice an improvement in my jaw clenching symptoms?

When you start wearing your NTI device you may immediately notice that something feels different; however, many patients will start to notice significant relief between one to six weeks of constant nighttime wear.

If you want to find out more about the NTI Tension Suppression System and whether it could help reduce your morning headaches and jaw discomfort, then talk to your Grand Rapids dentist today. Forget about invasive surgeries or custom dental guards that can be costly and opt for our NTI dental device.