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Myself, my husband and our three children all are patients with Dr Rob and have nothing but good things to say about him and his staff.  Everybody in the office from Dr Rob, his dental assistants, to Carol at the front desk are very nice to deal with.

Let alone being our family dentist, Dr Rob also has helped our teenage son get his “Hollywood Teeth” as his Dad calls them.  He had full braces from top to bottom which turned out amazing!  Dr Rob did a great job and was very accommodating in helping us with our budget and payment plan.

Dr Rob even helped our son keep his lovely teeth after taking a serious hit with a baseball right in the mouth!  Dr Dame took our phone call, waited for us to rush over and stayed after hours reworking Alex’s teeth.  He really saved the day.  I hope this helps in your decision when picking a new dentist for your family.  You won’t be disappointed!

- Dawn N.

My five children love to have an appointment with Dr Dame-in fact the only crying that happens in my house about going to the dentist is by the children who don’t have an appointment. He and his staff immediately put children at ease by making the office a fun and inviting place for them. It is also obvious to me that Dr Dame has spent great effort on the art of gentle dentistry.

My son has had multiple cavities filled and was convinced that injections were never used because he never felt them. I have had the same experience- the only way I can tell that Dr Dame is done with the needle is the numbing sensation it causes. I’ve been a patient at many dentist offices and would choose to commute to Dr Dame’s if necessary to keep my family under his care. He has made a trip to the dentist something my kids look forward to instead of dread—that is a great gift to a mom!

- Lori F a patient of 12 years