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Do you suffer from snoring or others suffer from your snoring, then you probably need to take a look at snore guard.

Snore Guard is an oral appliance that resembles an athletic mouthpiece. Small and flexible, it has no moving parts, masks, hoses, or batteries. Snore Guard is made from sterile thermoplastic and is easy to clean.

How does snore guard work?

Snore Guard is worn during sleep. It uses normal body reflexes to keep the airway open. The device fits snugly on the upper teeth. When the lower jaw closes, the lower teeth close onto the lower ramp of the Snore Guard. This keeps the jaw in a normal position, rather than sagging open and back. In addition, the tongue reflexively seeks the small center orifice between the upper and lower ramp. This reflex keeps if from sagging back into the throat. With the airway open, breathing is relaxed and normal during sleep.